Tuesday, June 29, 2010

INTRO: What's with the Napoleon Dynamite type of background?

Hello hello and welcome to my blog. Yes my background looks right out of a certain snow boot wearing, llama feeding, no Tater Tot giving movie set. Although I believe it is a perfect setting for what is to be discussed. The Comicality of We is about the humorous happenings in our lives. I say our and not just my because we all have them. This is not a place for me to shout, "Everyone listen up, I want it to be known I am ridiculously hilarious!" Truth be told, I have done and said things that have made others go into convulsions (don't worry..its out of laughter..no need to call the PoPo on me) but these times were incidental and totally not on purpose. Well ok..sometimes totally on purpose, but bare with me here.

I'm currently a junior in college and I have enough stories to fill a book, or a pamphlet, or at least enough to pleasantly read in the bathroom. Feel free to comment with me, lol with me and add stories about your own life. Please no debbby downers or I will call Dr. Phil with his annoying mustache to give you a good talking to.